The SABLE/PLG system is designed for use on Radio Stations to control music output. It is suitable for stations of all sizes and is fully configurable to meet any station's specific needs.

SABLE/PLG is a computerised music logging, reporting, cataloguing and choosing system that was originally developed for the BBC. The "SABLE" (Studio Automated Barcode Logging Equipment) system allows for music to be catalogued, subsequently identifies music played on the air, and then generates a report of the "Rights" music details for Copyright organisations.
PLG (PlayList Guide) is an additional part of the system that chooses music and trails from a "Core" database of tracks, and offers a well balanced choice of music based on the entered criteria. The more detailed PLG Criteria entries allow very sophisticated control over the music chosen, and even allow choosing of specialist music types.

SABLE/PLG saves users a significant amount of time and provides a reliable and accurate music reporting facility, together with the means to catalogue all types of music material, including Trails, Jingles and Programme archives. The music choosing side is a sophisticated, creative tool to assist the Music Producer on station. It enables accurate targeting of music policy across all programmes and ensures the variety and allocation of music is maintained within the required production parameters.
The "heart" of the system is the main database of music, which provides details for a Library Catalogue, automated (and manual) Reporting of music, and for a "core" of tracks that PLG may chose from. The system also supports and integrates with several digital "Playout" systems, allowing automatic reporting of played items and single point catalogue entry, creation and distribution of centrally produced PLG "core" and general catalogue tracks and distribution of centrally produces trails.
In addition to scheduling of general music, scheduling of all trails, jingles and promotions is also possible from the SABLE/PLG system. Below are some screenshots of the SABLE/PLG system, Click to enlarge:
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