Installation & Configuration:

Wheather its a stand alone pc for home use, or a full network setup, we can install all the hardware, software and networking you may require.

We supply the full range of HP file servers. There are entry level servers for small business (around 5 PC's), a variety of mid-range servers offering redundancy and data security and rack mounted/Blade servers for larger organisations. Once you have chosen the right server for your needs we can install the operating system, set up and configure your domain and install and configure all your software and PC's for network use.

A variety of networking equipment, such as routers and switches, is available from us. We supply equipment  from leading manufacturers such as Cisco, HP and D-Link and provide a comprehensive installation and  configuration service to ensure that the equipment works properly in your network environment.

For prospective customers without networks, we offer full consultancy to find the right networking solution to  meet your needs and ensure proper protection from outside threats from the internet or e-mail.
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